Friday, June 27, 2008


I got this crap email sent to me from one of my friends who sends me these kinds of useless and wonderful emails ALL THE TIME and though I tell her not to bother sending them (because I am far too busy with my Very Important Life of Useless Blogging and Saved By The Bell Marathons to dilly dally with unimportant emails), she sends them anyway and I open them anyway because I am easily amused and so we continue our game of sending lame emails and then me pretending to be too cool to read them. Huzzah!

So I'm spreading the nerdy to you all, because that is how I help a brother out. Also it's Friday and I'm feeling pretty lazy and sick of looking at vintage and needing an excuse to get out of listing more vintage and needing ANOTHER excuse to NOT go to haul it over to Chili's for an Awesome Blossom that I've been hankering for ALL WEEK, but must NOT because my ass already hates me and it should probably go on a hunger strike.

Behold! Albert Einstein, yes? Fo Shizzle.


Now get up off of that thing, walk 15 feet away from the computer screen and Mr. Einstein will optical-illusionally turn into Marilyn Monroe. Seriously, didn't you know Al was a trannie?

I admit that I am the last person on earth to get these "you gotta see this!" kind of emails and I fully own up to my lameness. If you've already witnessed this magic then you have caught a raging case of the nerdy and apparently you have a friend who sends you stupid emails too. Unless YOU'RE the one sending out these emails in which case may I say that you sir are a madman. Unless you find a way to make Zach Morris turn into RuPaul then I say keep spamming up the universe, my evil genius.

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