Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I've Got You Under My Skin

File under: Morons I don't understand.

Christie's Auction House in New York auctioned off pieces of the wardrobe from The Sopranos today. I'm with them so far, good times, good times. It was to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project, a cause close to James Gandolfini's (Tony Soprano) heart that helps out soldiers injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. I'm all about that, carry on with yo bad self, awesome cause. And while I do really like the show when I catch the edited version on TV late at night because I'm too cheap to pay for anything other than basic cable and yes, I dig the wardrobe with it's rat pack-y flair, there's something about this that makes my cannoli curdle.

Exhibit A:
The outfit he wore when he got shot by Uncle Junior


Guess how much this little slice of Italian cliche went for?...

...I'll wait. Are you guessing?...

...Wait for it...


Ok, see now they lost me.

Let's do a little compare and contrast, shall we kids? Because math is power!

Exhibit B: Marilyn Monroe's dress was up at auction at Julien's. Granted, it's not exactly an iconic piece, but it's still MARILYN MONROE'S. Who's dead, by the way, and not just a dead character in an overrated HBO drama series either, but for real dead. And while she is somewhat of an overdone cliche herself, the girl is a icon.


A picture of her wearing it in a series of photographs taken of her and Arthur Miller in New York City in 1956:


You know how much this sundress went for? $21,000.00. That's like, 9 times less than what the goomba's near-death scene outfit went for.

What would Sinatra do? How would he feel about the image that Tony Soprano created for the mob? Not that the mob ever had a wholesome image but still, it never looked so...cheesy. I love that the money went to a kickass cause, but come ON people. The show hasn't even been off the air for more than what, a YEAR? I'd love to do a little boot partying on the dude who shelled out that much money for an outfit that he could have essentially bought at Hot Topic. What a gavone.

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