Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Standing In The Shower...Thinking

Things that are always funny:

1. People falling down. Especially fat kids. You're not fooling anyone Miss I'm-OK-You're-OK, you laugh at that too.

2. Family Guy.

3. Any SNL skit with Chris Farley. Actually, any movie with Chris Farley in it. Except Beverly Hills Ninja- what the hell was that all about? But Tommy Boy and Black Sheep I can watch a jillion times in a row, and it keeps getting funnier the more beers you have.

Since The World seems obsessed with funny dead guys lately, let's reflect on the funniest of them all. Reflect faster! With meaning! And jazz hands! Won't anyone think of the jazz hands?! 5, 6, 7, 8!

Remember the time he interviewed Paul McCartney and asked him if it was true that he was dead? AWESOME.

Remember the time he pretended there were bees in the car and jumped out screaming "Bees! Bees in the car! Bees everywhere! Your firearms are useless against them!" but there really were no bees, remember that? AWESOME.

(True story: One of my super nerdy ringtones is "Fat Guy In A Little Coat". That's all it is, is Chris singing FGIALC. Seriously. Someone call me right now and I'll prove it).

So dig THIS. Wisconsin is a boring state (no offense Wisconsinites, you're a lovely bunch of folks but your state blows) and I think it may be the one shaped like a mitten and all I know about Wisconsin is Foam Cheese Hats for their football team the Cheesy Meatheads (is that NOT the team's name?) and I like to talk like I'm from Fargo (Yah! You betcha!) which I realise is not in Wisconsin but the accent is still the same. That's what I know of Wisconsin.

Well the Wisconsin Historical Society is hosting the Chris Farley Remembered exhibit now through November. Apparently he is a WI native (wha? I thought he was from, like, Scottsdale) and the exhibit will included props from his movies, like his "Callahan" baseball cap from the movie Tommy Boy and the campaign jacket he wore in Black Sheep, seen here:


So since my blogs are usually ridiculous mixes of retro pop culture, music and vintage, today's post was Somewhat Relevant and With Meaning! The jazz hands were not in vain! And if you're actually STILL reading this, the exhibit is super cheap, $4 for adults! If you're in the...what's Wisconsin's location? Midwest? Northish Lake-Like Region?...whatever, if you're in THAT area, stop in you lazy slackers. You know you're dying to see swords As Seen In The Hit Movie Beverly Hills Ninja.

Thanks to Ang who shares half my brain and sent me the links that she knew I'd enjoy more than Cheetos and a Head Of The Class marathon. She's got the brains, I've got the looks, lets make lots of money.

(I bet you're singing that in your head right now aren't you, 80's Pop Culture Fans?)

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