Monday, April 28, 2008

You're A Better Man Than I

So I was looking around on ebay this weekend because A.) I was bored and B.) I've had enough quality time with my family thank you and needed to escape all the crazy and in-law dysfunction. Lo and behold I found some ridiculously cool vintage shirts, the kind I'd give my left foot, my firstborn or my right ovary to own- and not necessarily in that order. But here's the real kick in the head: they're each $369 on a buy it now. For one shirt. Oh and one more minor detail: They're NOT EVEN VINTAGE but my most hated form of fashionry- they're repros. I'll tell ya, I was fooled until I clicked on the listing and lo and behold he admits it's a "50's styled" repro. Too bad it's in the vintage category, supergenius. Call me grumpy, but I think that's a great disservice to the vintage community by asking such astronomical prices for something made a minute ago while the sad few of us vintage sellers ON THE LEVEL try to make a buck selling good quality vintage. And can we address the price? I wonder what his his train of thought was on this one: "$350? Too low. $400? Too high. $369? Why, that's the perfect price! And a $199 opening bid is a good plan." How strange and random. I could totally rock an 8th grade 69 joke, but I won't do it. (I said "do it".)


If you are so inclined to go the repro route, these are as good as any and I usually only support my fellow vintage sellers, so consider this my olive branch to the repro community. Actually these are made by Dry Bones, your better than average repros of rockabilly shirts, so I can give props when props are due, I'm not entirely made out of evil. From hirobilly (most excellent fun to say out loud), based outta Japan.

But I will always get stabby and belly fire over repros and the people who make them for mass resale, and that is something you can't take away from me. (You didn't think I was going out on a NICE note, did you?!)

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