Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blue Comet Blues

So my friend Ang says that Fergie has a song out with a clip of Little Richard's "The Girl Can't Help It" in it. ExSQUEEZE me, asphinctersayswhat? Little faux rapper Fergie. From the Black Eyed Peas. Sampling Little Richard. Not to mention the Peas sample Misirlou on another song, but that just proves my point, which I SWEAR I'm getting to. I'm afraid Fergie, you are now ON THE LIST. Now, if you go for that kind of music then zippity doo dah and I say to you GOOD DAY SIR but it's not my cup of tea, nor ever will be, not even if you force me to listen to it Clockwork Orange-style. I'm so embarrassed for her, but mostly for the young listening audience who have no idea not only what real music is, but who recorded it (and the movie it hails from in this case). I am hatin' on Fergie for not only stealing really good 50's music and forcing it to mingle with her own, but also dressing vintage-esque lately...which by the way, you'll notice many a young skanky starlet has a "vintage phase" for about a month or 2 until the oh-so-wackiness of it wears off and they move on to their next fashion phase. No fair Fergie and Young Skanks, no fair. Oh yeah, I got my hate on. But all's I will say is this. SAMPLING MUSIC IS NOT CREATIVE. Dumbasses. I realise this sounds like I'm a 70 year old woman complaining about kids these days and their crazy jazz music, but that's how I roll. And STAY OFF OF MY LAWN.

For the record, let me show you where my blog name came from and NO IT WASN'T FROM FERGIE, and don't MAKE me pull this car over kids, or I will reach back there and slap your eyeballs into next week. For your viewing and listening pleasure, I give you "The Girl Can't Help It" from 1956. Just watch it for about 52 seconds and then you can carry on with your day, wondering what my problem is.


  1. You know, watching that clip, you can understand why the term "rack" is often used to refer to women's bosoms. My goodness. Oh and i loved the visual - strategically holding those two milk jugs. Very funny.

  2. Ha ha ha...and you know what? Those babies are all natural! Yikes!