Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Way-Out Wednesday: Baby Did A Bad, Bad Thing

It's time for Way-Out Wednesday, kids!


Speaking of, you know what's generally not very amusing? Kids. Especially other people's. Also not exceptionally amusing on their own: pipes, string, top hats or heavy eyeliner. However. Put them all together and you know what you get? Comedy gold.

Behold, the creepiest and therefore awesomest Vintage Smoking Boy Chalkware String Holder:



  1. A perpetual vomit of string from a creepy kid! :O

  2. Oh Girl :)
    Lol !
    I live for your awesome moments that take the yuck and the muck out of daily life .
    If you hurry and take a peak at my blog I think you'll get a good laugh at my hubbys expence :) Hmmm
    Anyway thank you for blogging .
    I really don't think I would have maintained
    without you this past year .
    Happy Hugs from Texas
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  3. I just discovered you via straight talking mama. Fab blog. That smoking boy is freakingly scary! *shiver*

  4. Oh dear lord. I am drawn to him and strongly!