Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: Star Light, Star Bright.

Welcome back to Atomic Tuesday!


Is everyone (at least everyone here in the US) ready for turkey day? Not me. (Although I'm sure you're admiring my delightfully creepy and altogether disturbing banner I'm using for Thanksgiving week.) I'm already over thanksgiving and thinking about Christmas. So for today's Atomic Tuesday I've been looking around at tacky/kitschy/fantastical vintage ornaments and found *thee* perfect trio for you starburst-heads:


Love! But I will offer this word of wisdom (only because I've recently been duped myself)~ ever since Target started repro-ing atomic and starburst-y shaped ornaments over the past few years, it's getting harder and harder to believe that what's being sold as "vintage" on places like Etsy and Ebay is actually so and not, in fact, a clever Target facsimile. Don't get me wrong, that's not to say this set isn't vintage or that the seller is anything but truthful and a good seller at that- (although I don't have any connection to or know the seller from a hole in the wall)- I'm just sayin', a girl's gotta be careful out there these days. You never know when a bad ornament is gonna sneak up on you and try to pass itself off as a good one in a dark back alley one night. Just sayin'.

Either way, this set *is* definitely cool and I would totally keep these out on display year 'round, wouldn't you? (Yeeeah, I knew ya would!) Super rad Vintage Space Age Ornament Trio is currently available for a very decent $11.99 from seller Tipple & Snack. Which now makes me want a snack. And the seller also offers some fun vintage kitchen items. Well played, shopkeep, well played.

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  1. Hmmm well, I'd rather buy them from target if they are cheaper =)

    Slap the word "Sputnik" on things and people go ape shit and throw money at it lol...