Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: Not-So-Ugly Mug

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday, my pretties!


Today's atomic pick-o-goodness is this kickass-tacular Vintage Set of 4 Fire King Blue Heaven Mugs, currently available from Etsy seller Sirkus:


1 comment:

  1. I have to say, I am quite disappointed. I expected more. Kinda like:
    ~Insert wavy video fade in scene here~
    "I don't know why I think these are kickass-tacular mugs, maybe its because I am pulled into the center of the design. Maybe I like it because, having recently posted on Easter, the little basket shaped U thingies and the ovoids in the center of the rectangles remind me of eggs in a basket. Maybe, JUST MAYBE, it is because of the color of the design itself, maybe subconsciously I am in LOVE with the turquoise or aquamarine (Can anybody tell me the difference? (I mean, seriously!)) It DOES bear a striking similarity with the colors I use in my header, and links, and comments... however, none of that has to do with the plain fact that I think that these are FireKing awesome. So there!"

    Or something along those lines! *grin*