Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Keep Your Handerpants To Yourself.

Welcome to an especially way-out Way-Out Wednesday...that's also especially late!


Today's pick for Way-Out Wednesday isn't vintage (don't kill me!) and it can't be found from my artsy homegirls on Etsy (say whaa?!) and it's not creepy (I'm sorry, already!), but it IS fug as hell (win!) and so nerdy that not even ironic Hipsters will find them ironically cool in their ironic un-cool nerdiness. And you know I love me some weird & fug crap that's uncool. So that's really saying something.

I present to you:



No, seriously.

Fingerless gloves (Madonna style!) that look like men's underwear. "Tighty whities" if you're from these parts. "Y-Fronts" if you're of the British variety. "Stupid as hell" no matter what planet you're from.


Should you feel the need to get your ass kicked on a daily basis, you can get your filthy paws on them from the o-fficial website at And then don't ever talk to me again. Or else. Or else what? Or else I swear I'll figure out a way to give you an atomic wedgie while wearing your Handerpants, that's what.


  1. I'm thinking Y the front? I see no imminent need for access, if you get what I'm saying.

    I'm also tempted to stock up on these as gifts for people that I hate.

    Apart from that, thanks for another delightfully entertaining post, which has brightened up my hum-drum life once again!

  2. Say, do they also sell really baggie regular pants for the hands that allow the handerpants waistband to show? 'Cause that would raise the stupid as hell level exponentially ;)

    Thank you for making me laugh out loud today... and I mean REALLY loud :D

  3. These really made me laugh!
    I'm sad to say my husband was asking me where to get them from... please don't exile me, I've only just 'met' you.
    Feel free to exile him all you want - he's odd.

  4. No worries, MoonDoggie! I promise I won't shove anyone in a locker, steal lunch money or give out wedgies on their first visit! ;)

  5. I actually just laughed out loud.

    Wow...just Wow.