Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: Devil Without A Cause

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday, my little sweet peas!


Today's vintage pick isn't so much "atomic" as it usually is as it's "really, freakishly stinkin' awesome", so dig that.

Today's pick is vintage shoes. We haven't rocked the fancy footwear in a while, so it's high time we did. Not just any shoes, though. Glorious, freakishly stinkin' awesome shoes. And not heels! I know that's what you were probably expecting was heels, amIright or amIright? I thought so.

Behold the fabulosity called Vintage 50's Red Rockabilly Flats offered by Etsy seller Luxete:


Are they not the coolest?! Look at those flame-like, devil horns! Mwuahahahaha! Fear Satan's Slippers- if you dare!....mwuahahahaha...Yeah, OK, whatever. So they're not, like, evil or anything, but I do love their slightly wicked lines and de-lish red hue! (Also: they're a pretty sinister wee size 6.5. If you can fit into them, then you're more unholy than I figured you for. Well played, small-feeted ones, well played. I've got my eye on you.)

And you know what else kind of rules? The box. Because I'm a sucker for cute graphics and the box has some beotch doing the international sign for "shh". (Although it looks more like she's getting finger-poked in piehole than whispering.)But also because they're called "Whisper Steps", so I guess they're good for sneakin'. And when is that bad?



  1. i was afraid to look at this post because i love devil things. also shoes. and red shoes. and shoe boxes. M@(*#$F@(*#R i hate you right now. smootches ;)

  2. Oh my, those are the coolest!

  3. haha you make a very good point :)

    btw I tagged you.
    check it out on my blog! :)