Friday, April 23, 2010

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: Come On Darlene.

Welcome to another Aqua Blue Heaven Friday! (And yes, I totally intended for you to end up humming Come On Eileen by the end of today's post. That's my gift to you. You're welcome.)


Today's vintage aqua thing-o-awesomeness is this Vintage 50's Urn Novelty Print Angora Sweater, because I don't care that we're creeping up on summer (and I won't even care when it is summer), vintage cardigans always rule and fill me with...oh, what's that word that means the opposite of being pessimistic and grumpy?...Happiness! That's it! I'm filled with pure happiness for vintage sweaters. Today's joy-making cardy is brought to you by vintage seller Jumblelaya:



Urn, baby, urn! Urning down the house! Hunk hunka urnin' love!... Ok. That's enough of that.

The sweater doesn't have a label anymore, but it has all the markings of being a Darlene brand sweater. Once you learn to spot the tell-tale signs, Darlene sweaters become pretty easy to spot in a crowd. They almost always are made of an angora/wool fabric blend, have often-pastel screenprints of flowers and finally, have those classic, white plastic pearl buttons. There were copycat brands back in the day, though. Generic brands (ie: not a major label) would create similar-looking sweaters (and probably for cheaper than a Darlene) or you'd find a department store label in place of a maker's label (ie: a Bergdorf's label).

OK, you talked me into it. You twisted my arm. (You bullies.) For education's sake, here are a couple more Darlene sweaters, so's you can see what I mean about Darlenes having their own "style shtick":


1.) Vintage 60's Darlene Cardigan Sweater.


2.) Vintage 60's Darlene Cardigan Sweater.


  1. super cute! :)

    I love the last one!

    happy friday!

  2. Thanks for the quick lesson Kim-
    It's Aqua
    It's Blue and
    It's HEAVENLY..
    "Common Kimmie"!
    You Did Have me thinking of the Eileen song!!