Sunday, April 25, 2010

Prints Charming Sunday: Art Attack.

It's Prints Charming Sunday!


It's one of those "I could go from pleasant to bitch in 5 seconds for no rhyme or reason" kind of days. Partly because it's just how I roll. Also because it's cold and rainy and will stay this way for the next, I dunno, month or something. Ok, 3 days. Whatever. So I dramatize. But already this weather's put me in a funk, so I've been shopping my face off online for something to put me in a better mood. And since there's no one-stop shop for booze, Valium and a pool boy named Hans (Note to self: create a website for alcohol, meds and pool boys. Call it BoozeandBoys. com), the second best thing is a cute novelty print, right? Maybe more like a close third.

A sunny print will do the trick on a rainy day! How about this Vintage 80's Sunflowers Print Dress, available from seller Vintage in Bohemia on Etsy for a pretty fantastic $38:


Swell! The label even reads "Van Gogh Holland", so you know the print is not generic, but based directly on this small-time Dutch artist named Van Gogh (perhaps you've heard of him?) and his late-1880's series of paintings called, shock and surprise, Sunflowers (also known as "the poster every 19 year old sorority girl hangs in her dorm room")~



  1. Howdy Kim
    Oh please do tell me once you get this secret site of booze and boys up and running ,hey valium wouldn't hurt one little bit :)
    I must say those sunflowers also help chase away the blues a bit too !
    Still I waited so long for Spring time in Texas only to experince a real spring filled with storms dark gloomy muggy days and than cool mornings and nights not good for pool side loitering .
    My Mom has also had a really rough time with her Leukemia so I need a real sun shiny Spring time break soon.
    Big hugs from Texas
    Happy Trails

  2. That sunny print is very uplifting! I feel renewed.