Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: Knock Me On My (gl)Ass!

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday!

I have no words for today's vintage pick. I can't...I just can't. No words to describe. Oh wait. Yes I do. Words like: "JUMPING JESUS ON A TRAMPOLINE, LOOK AT THESE GLASSES! HOT DAMN AND HOLY MOSES RIDING A SCOOTER! MAMA LIKEY. MAMA LIKEY ALOT! 7t@@#4@/8**!" (Yeah, there's some gibberish in there too. That's how much I love today's pick and the ridonkulous affect they have on me.) They'll knock you on your (gl)ass too, I bet!

See for thyself:

How much do you love these Vintage 50's Set of 8 Pink & Gold Atomic Starburst Glasses? And if you prefer your glasses to, say, have pictures of the Hamburgler and Mayor McCheese, swearing one day that your 1986 McDonald's juice glasses are certain to be top-dollar collectors items one day, well, then good luck with that. (Although, those kinda rock, too.)

(Glasses are currently available on Etsy from seller Patsy's Place.)


  1. Kapow! Blam! POW! Zap! These are awesome. Alas, too many glasses, chez moi! I keep trying to make people drink more so they will break them. If only I had a warehouse full of cupboards, ice and cocktail fixin's! You & these glasses would be invited. Fer sure.

  2. Howdy Kim
    This was such a treat after a
    very long day at work !
    If you ask me one can never have too many atomic glasses if they look like this !
    Cocktails anyone ?
    What a fabulous find .
    Thanks for sharing .
    Happy Trails

  3. Wow Kim I love these!Reminds me of the glasses that my grandmother had-gonna look at them on the site... We'll Need to develop an "Atomic Tuesdays Mega-Margarita" to go into them!