Friday, March 19, 2010

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: Cheers Of Joy.

It's Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!

It's milliseconds away from being o-fficially the 1st day of spring, so why not promote a vintage sweater? Ha! I scoff at you, spring. My love of sweaters knows no season.

I keep coming back to this particular sweater you'll see in a sec, mulling over whether I should buy it or not. It is, after all, my favorite color combo of all time (aqua & orange represent) and it demands to be worn with cuffed denim capris. It's sending me mixed signals~ are you an apr├Ęs ski sweater? Are you a cheerleader-inspired sweater? What are you and why won't you leave me alone?! Also, why can't I get "Oh, Mickey, you're so fine, You're so fine you blow my mind. Hey Mickey! Hey, Mickey!" out of my head now?

I decided not to buy it, only because it's wool and it seems the older I get, the more I have a weird reaction to wool, in a weird way that never bothered me before, weirdly. What gives? Stupid aging. Has this happened to anyone else before? Where something that never bothered you now irritates the bejesus out of you now? (Please say it's not just me.) At any rate, it's a freaktastically cool sweater and someone needs to buy it, or else I may resort to covering my torso in benadryl lotion and plastic wrap, just so I can wear it.

Behold the awesomeness, this Vintage 50's Aqua Boucle Rosanna Sweater, available on Etsy from seller Dear Golden:


  1. Fret not! This is a very cool sweater. Love your entertaining posts. :) xxx

  2. I'm with you girl. My tolerence is low for anything I find moderately irritating. Used to love Cashmere and now unless it is 17 degrees i feel like I am sweating like a pig. Used to find my children charming and now they are pains in the ass...but I digress


  3. That really is a super sweater. You're not alone; I developed an allergy to poison ivy as an adult. When I was a kid it was like my skin was made of steel!

  4. That is a damn fine sweater. Too bad I, like you, can not wear wool. Unlike you, this is not a new condition, but one I've had for years. I'm actually so allergic to wool that I've broken out in hives.

  5. Wool- owwww! itch itch...scratch scratch..But I LOVE the AQUA color!!!