Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: Dueling Boomerangs.

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday!

Today's Atomic Tuesday pick is this incredible MID CENTURY LOUNGE CHAIR available on Etsy from seller Lunar Lounge Design:

The chair is done in a classic Eames-era style and made to order in different wood finishes. But the ginchiest (yep, I said it) part is of course the boomerang design on the backrest:


  1. Very kookie! Gotta wonder if that's just a design, or a logo of some kind. I've seen some chairs over the years that were custom-designed for a business, with the logo on the backs. My favorites had the RCA logo with Nipper. Maybe this was for some swanky, hip biz back in the day:)

  2. Really nice! That chair has it all! Zootsuitmama