Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Art Attack.

It's [a super late for no good reason for my actions] Way-Out Wednesday!

Today's collection of supercool oddities comes in the form of digital pieces-o-art, from Etsy seller Lewie's Playhouse. Explanation of technological how-to is beyond my feeble basic computer know-how, but all's I can say is this guy takes retro images, slaps 'em together, collages the hell out of 'em, gets the finished product onto paper, and finally signs them, all fancy-like. See? My tech knowledge is pathetic. I should be ashamed if I wasn't so indifferent. I really can't explain how he does it. All I know is that I love these pictures!

Behold, the wonders of someone who knows what the hell they're doing!


  1. Howdy Kim
    Oh WOW ,
    I love this post !
    Like you I really don't want to learn the
    " how to "
    isn't that the point of having others do this for us :) ?
    This is a really cool post thanks for the info !
    The atomic war one is fabulous fun !
    Oh and yeah the hunky hunks are great eye candy as well .
    I really needed this way out retro post to lighten up my mood thanks !
    Happy Trails

  2. Lordy I wish I was so creative, what a great idea!