Friday, February 26, 2010

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: You Want Fries With That Shake?

Welcome to Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!

Today's pick is a little off the beaten path (what? nooo.) Shocking, indeed. It's not a to die for aqua dress or some kind of crazy cool, over the top jewelry or even an amazing piece-o-furniture. It's....sheet music. Now before you start runnin' yer pieholes about how it couldn't possibly be more boring (hello, Chandler Bing), (also, now I want pie), this isn't any ordinary sheet music. It's polka sheet music. Hell yeah, it is!

It's called "The Too Fat Polka- She's Too Fat For Me" by Arthur Godfrey. I know what you're thinking: "oh my gaaaawd, that's so awfuuuul, how ruuude, I'm offendeeeed", (apparently I envision you all talking like 1980s valley girls). But as a not-size-0 gal myself, I'm telling you, ya gotta get over it and appreciate it for what it is~ campy, delicious corn from the 1940s! (Also, now I want corn.) You're still not over it? Well, that's OK, because the Andrews Sisters retaliated back in 1947 with their version called "The Too Fat Polka- He's Too Fat For Me". (Right on, sisters!)

And for your listening pleasure, here's the foot-stompin', finger poppin', head banging, actual song by the actual Arthur Godfrey:

Yep. Corn rocks pretty hard.

Vintage 1947 Too Fat Polka Sheet Music currently available on Etsy from seller Art Deco Dame.


  1. And the dame in question is wearing a "polka" dot dress - what more could ya want?? ;)

    Happy Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!

  2. Oh Kim
    You are so great .
    I am a big gal and it is so hard to fit into all the fabulous retro rags I love !
    I do keep looking !
    You really made my night ,sometimes it's a good thing to stray a bit off the beaten path and explore the surroundings .
    The polka Dot dress
    was simply delightful fun :)
    thanks again !!!
    Happy Trails

  3. OMG- KIM!!! This brings me right back to growing up in a 100% Polish household..where Polka was the mainstream!! This is too cool for Aqua Blue Friday!! Thanks for the trip down memory lane! My DAD use to sing this all the time!!