Sunday, February 28, 2010

Prints Charming Sunday: Everyone Knows It's Windy.

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday!

Did you know there's only 20 more days until the first day-o-spring?! It can't come soon enough, I say. If I never see another snowflake for 3 more weeks I'll be a happy camper! (Of course, give it a few months and I'll be bitching about how hot it is.)

Let's kick off this rare, positive & hopeful mood I'm in for pleasant-er, spring-ier weather (I love warm yet grey & rainy & windy spring days over lovely sunny days. Shocking.) with this to die Vintage 1950s Windy Day Novelty Print Sundress, currently available on Etsy for a decent 95 bucks from seller Catbooks1940s:

My favorite part of this print is the little girl taking off with the umbrella! That's hilarious! Adios, kid! Wait. That sounded wrong. Kinda creepy. You know what I mean. It's just a killer, entertaining spring print is what I'm trying to get at. Sheesh.

PS: Do you have the 1967 song "Windy' by the Association stuck in your head now?! Mwuahahaha, that's my evil gift to you! Damn. I have "eeee-vryone knows it's winnn-deee" in my head now too. Evil-doing backfire.


  1. I'm diggin' the site!!


  2. You are evil. I can't get that d@mn song out of my head now.