Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prints Charming Sunday: The Key To My Heart-On

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday, bringing you the kitschiest, wackiest and most awesomest vintage novelty prints around! Also, I promise no more lame & corny "heart-on" jokes. At least, not until Valentine's Day. Actually, I promise nothing. I like corny too much. It's how we roll around here.

Today's vintage novelty print is, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, tres apropos for Valentine's Day. I was thinking: what about men? And then I thought: What About Bob? (See? Always with the corny around here.)

Can I get a witness? Today's pick is this set of Vintage 60's Heart & Key Print Men's Pajamas, in a pretty dang hard to find XXL size, no less:

I wish there was a proper close-up in the listing, but around some of the hearts it says: "Here's the key to my heart". Gag. I know. But it's only once a year, so you men can just get over the cutesy factor and wear something sweet & sappy (and vintage!) for your woman!


  1. My fella would run screaming from those pyjamas, but I think they're adorable!

  2. I think my fella would like them but he is kinda crazy!