Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: I'm On A (Cassa)-Role!

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday, where the vintage is good and the puns in my titles are bad. I've got to be in & out today (I know, I'm boring lately, I'll make it up to you at some point, unless I forget), as we're getting an ass-whopping of snow (I don't know what that means exactly), and I have loads of shipping to do and loads of junk food to stock up (I mean tofu and bean sprouts). So let's make this quick! (That's what he said.) (Sorry.) (Apparently it's "Have a Second Dialogue in Parenthesis Like That Crazy Cat Lady Down the Street Who Yells at Fire Hydrants Day.) (Again, sorry.)

Today's atomic-themed pick is this superbad Vintage 50's Atomic Starburst Hearts Pyrex Casserole Dish:

(Makes reading through the gibberish worth it, eh?! If you made it to this point, you should get a major award. Like coming over and shoveling snow for me. What a treat for you, no?)


  1. I love Pyrex, and that pattern is divine! I don't think I've seen that one over here in the UK.

    And being in the UK exempts me from snow-shovelling duties I reckon, sorry. Best of luck, and wrap up nice and warm!

  2. ya know, I have a student in my class who always uses the (that's what she said line) It drives me nuts! I will say... your clay needs to be wetter..and he will say across the room.."that's what she said"...and I will go over and slap him in the back of the head! No really I do...that's just the kind of teacher I am! :)

    Mary Deluxe

  3. I started saying "that's what she said" when I heard it on Wayne's World (!) a million years ago. (Beavis & Butthead era. Also something I quote/ed alot.) But there's something less cool (annoying, even) when a "teen these days" says it.

    (Also, please notice the parenthesis action going on here.)