Saturday, February 13, 2010

Let It Snow, Let Snow, Let It...Enough Already.

As a full-time vintage seller, my daily work routine is generally: dress mannequin, take pictures, edit pictures. Undress mannequin, re-dress mannequin, take pictures, edit pictures. You get the idea. Day after day, hours each day, with some days broken up with writing this trainwreck of a blog. As much as I adore vintage clothing, sometimes I get to the point where I just can't take another day of taking pictures of vintage, or talking about vintage, or looking at vintage. Sometimes, you just gotta get away.

So a few days ago, after getting hit with another wonderful (ha!) blizzard, I ventured out into the snow and took random pictures around my yard. And weirdly enough, as much as me and nature don't exactly see eye-to-eye, I love taking pictures of the outdoors. Go figure. I love the way powdery snowflakes look close up, I love the bizarro shapes in which ice takes form, I love the contrast of dark tree branches against white and how it looks like veins & arteries. Sounds fruity and not at all like me, I know. I loathe the outdoors. It's just a nice diversion from my everyday routine. So humor me in my lame attempts at photography!

See what I mean? Veins and arteries.

These icicles look like slime dripping off a branch.

I like the way this hunk-o-ice looks like the Blob.

These threaten to impale me every time I go out the back door.


  1. Beautiful! How I miss the Pennsylvania snow... However I don't miss shoveling it.

  2. Gorgeous pics! Is that a carousel horse I see? :O

    Sounds like you had a much-needed break from the old routine - which is always a good thing ;)

  3. What I think is the most entertaining aspect of this is that even your break turned into work - you put the pictures on your blog! Sigh, no rest for the overworked!

    Very very pretty. I love leaveless trees. You can almost see a heartbeat.

  4. Great images! I especially like the veiny tree wearing natures earrings, and those slime shots, like St. Bernard just shook it's head and it's literally frozen in time. Thanks for the share. Your PICs appeal to my visiony taste buds!

  5. Huh-- Somehow, my fist comment was swallowed up! I'll give it another go.)

    Great images! I esecially like the veiny tree wearing nature's earrings, and the slime shots; like a St. Bernard has just shook his head and "it" is literally frozen in time! Thanks, your pictures appeal to my visiony taste buds!

  6. P.S. If you end up with "two" many comments from me, by all means, feel free to delete. Sorry and thanks!

  7. Gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to grab my camera and run out into our fast-melting snow. No, wait. It's cold. I'll settle for enjoying YOUR pictures!! :)

  8. So much talent, you take good pictures....

  9. Great pictures! I just found your blog an im loving every minuet of it!

  10. SNOW??!?! ...but I got my windows and doors open, and hiking in this gorgeous beautiful weather! shorts and t-shirts.. just beautiful!
    I LOVE living in Phoenix, AZ.

  11. I dig the pic of the classic car covered in snow. What make is it?