Friday, January 8, 2010

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: All By Myshelf

Welcome, my fellow nerdlingtons, to a very late Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!

I'm very late posting today's blog theme to which I'm slightly sorry for. I'm also sorry for ending that last sentence with a preposition. I think I'm gonna make a few changes around the ol' blog in these here parts. Why am I talking sort of like a cowboy? I'm not sure. But I am sure that I'll post more about it tomorrow, regarding some changes I'm thinking of doing here, and of course I want your opinion. Nay, I demand it. Nah, I don't demand it. But I do demand satisfaction, sir! A duel, I say! Nah, I don't demand that either. Why am I now talking like an 18th century socialite? It's just that kind of schizophrenic blog day, my friends. Let's move on before any more of these Sybil-esque voices start any more conversations, shall we? We shall.

Today's vintage aqua pick is this Vintage 60's Aqua & Pink Rose Shelf Paper, currently available from Etsy seller Harlow Monroe.

When I'm not having conflicting conversations with myself in my head, I often take to home fancy-fication, and shelf paper's one of those things that I never think about. So I went in search of some on Etsy and lo and behold, there's this hunka chunka new old stock! I'm personally not generally a fan of roses, or more specifically, shabby chic roses but I can honestly say I don't hate this vintage shelf paper. But ask me tomorrow and I may have a different opinion. Happens alot around here.


  1. oh Sybil, how i love shelf paper.

  2. Thanks so much for featuring our vintage shelf paper in Aqua Blue Heaven! I love reading this blog segment, always fun picks. Have a great weekend!