Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tell Me What You Want (What You Really, Really Want).

It's update time, kids! I realised I don't come on here often enough and just shmooze directly with y'all- mostly I just promote other seller's stuff, so it's about time we do a little one on one! Or whatever.

First, I want to say a hearty Happy New Year! Here's hoping 2010 sucks less than '09. And a big fat welcome to all my new followers to the Girl Can't Help It! If you're following me, I'll follow you back. You know, eventually. It's something I need to update, so if I'm not following you at the moment, let me know so I can return the love. I tend to slack when it comes to updating the blog a bit. OK, I slack alot. On a similar note, if you link to this blog or to my vintage shop Fast Eddie's Retro Rags, again, give me a kick in the arse so I can link back your blog/shop.

I'd also like to thank everyone who makes the effort to leave me comments! I relish reading what you guys have to say. You guys rule so hard and you don't even know it. I try to find the time during the week to read and catch up with your blogs that I'm currently following, but often have even less time to comment on them all. I know. I suck at that. I'm sorry. Something I'm working on for the new year is leaving more comments. So I just want you to know that just because I haven't been commenting much lately, doesn't mean that I don't adore all of your blogs!

Now, some ch-ch-changes. Generally I like things to stay the same. Not a fan of change. However there are some things that I tire of easily. I'm one that needs to rearrange my furniture every 6 months because I like when it looks fresh and interesting. Call it creative visual aesthetic analness, if you will. Same goes for the blog. My mind's always running on creative overtime. Problem is, there's too many ideas rolling around and either not enough follow-through or ability to "make it happen". I've been thinking of getting rid of 1 or 2 of the weekly themes I do- Atomic Tuesday and/or Aqua Blue Heaven Fridays. Finding (cool) atomic things to promote each week is not too easy some weeks, and similarly, I think the aqua thing is getting a little stale. But I don't want to change anything without running it past you guys first, especially if it's something you really dig or look forward to! If I got rid of those 2 themes, I of course am already thinking of replacing them with new themes. Maybe promote a new color. Maybe a particular era or decade. We'll see.

So. Your opinions please, good OR bad. How would you feel if I axed Atomic Tuesday & Aqua Blue Heaven Fridays and replaced them with all new, delicious themes? Would you like to see more posts about vintage fashion? There can be more education of vintage or even just promoting more of it. More vintage/retro stuff, in general? Knit Wit posts? More interviews? What would YOU like to see more of? (Or LESS of, for that matter.)

Gimme your opinions, your 2 cents and your backseat driving! Don't be shy! Step right up to the greatest show on earth. If you don't speak up, then I'll have to assume the Girl Can't Help It rocks so hard that it can't be touched.



  1. Howdy
    Happy New year I'm with you 2010 needs to rock because 09 was Awful ,I'm ready for life to get better .
    I am not going to be much help you listed two of my favorite themes .
    So with that said can you like remind me to read your older post until I get use to the new changes that way I can have the best of the old and new :)
    While I get bored easily I am not good at change ,go figure .
    I know I have a screw loose and all my marbles went toppling onto the floor before I could catch them .
    Yes I am rambling .
    I love your blog it is one of the highlights of my day so my advice is follow your own intrest and see where it leads you .
    We are faithful folowers and would never let you move on without us .
    Say followers are kind of like stalkers !
    Seriously trust your inner yearnings to discover the new even if you make it up as you go along.
    Your a creative blogger .
    Thank you for all the time you invested this past year .
    There were days that your blog really made all the difference .
    Blessings of joy as you embark on a new direction in blogging.
    Happy Trails

  2. Noooo, not Atomic Tuesday!! I've found loads of cute atomic lovelies through Atomic Tuesday... most recently the atomic cufflinks! OK, so if it's really hard to find something atomic and cool every week, maybe there could be a standby topic for those nukem-free weeks... but getting rid of it altogether, noooo, pretty please!

    Oh, and Happy New Year. I usually drop by your blog every day, even if I don't think I've ever left a comment before. You really crack me up with your sense of humour and some of the things you find to show us! Love it.

  3. You just go ahead and blog about anything you want to - just keep it fun with a twist of snark!
    But if it's time for a change, why not rotate some new themes in with an occasional visit from the older themes?

  4. Happy New Year to you too, Kim!

    Do whatever you like with the blog, I'll keep following it. I'm interested to see what you want to replace them with. What I actually miss are the non-themed posts where you just rambled on about whatever random thought struck your fancy.

  5. Hi, Terry!
    I hear you about '09! I've got high hopes for 2010- and I hope it's better for you too! Thanks so much for the compliments! You're always such a peach.

  6. Nathalie & Hollis~ Good ideas about rotating themes & interspersing them with new ones! Maybe do Atomic Tuesday/Aqua Fridays every other week with the new themes filling in the other 2 weeks? That could certainly keep things fresh! Thanks for your ideas! xoxo

  7. Hi, Laura!
    You like the nonsensical rambling? I sure as shootin' can do that! Thanks for your input and stopping by!

  8. I like the weekly dose of aqua blue & atomic items---but I think adding two new themes and going every-other week would be fun. Just so long as you keep up the snarky ramblings---that is what I really love. :D

  9. I think someone already said what I was thinking. Or maybe they thought what I was saying. I get dyslexic reading .. doesn't stop me of course. The idea of rotating themes .. pretty cool. Don't drop the ones we all love, just do them less often .. and add in your cool new ideas!
    I LOVE when you do vintage fashion stuff. Not so much the knit-wits. And I really don't like the scary clowns! LOL
    Betty >