Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Real Housewives of Flatbush

This has gotta be my most favorite vintage pattern of all time. I want to get a tattoo of these broads. It's so ahead of it's time. You know, assuming it meant to be ahead of it's time in a trashy cliche Mafia wife kind of way. Which I'm sure was exactly the look the pattern illustrator was going for.


Stripes: "So I says to him, I says: "Hey! Whassa matta you? What do I look like, a side of veal? Fuggedaboudit! I ain't nobody's goomar, so gets your doity paws off me! You can stuff your cannoli in somebody else's ziti', if you's know what I mean. Then I took Johnny to soccer practice and drank half a carafe of red wine while I sat in da minivan. Oh my gaaawd, I was so mad. What a daaawg."

Solid: " 'Sup. You want me to gets da boys and go medievel on his ass? Maybe he'll gets a pair of cement shoes. Maybe they'll have a pair of mohair knit booties to match. And maybe he'll up 6 feets unda Prospect Park. You never know how my boys roll. 7-1-8 represent, yo."


  1. The fact that you're calling them Stripes and Solid kills me. This made my crampy Monday!!

  2. Hi Miss M!
    Been there! I'm glad it created a happy diversion for you for a little bit! xo