Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: Swingin' Them Jingle Bells

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday!


I can't believe I'm bringing up the topic of Christmas, but you know, it's really not all that far off. Usually I'm one of those people that waits until *thee* very last minute to buy gifts- not because I hate doing it, in fact, I'm a fairly kickass gift-giver (most of the time, when I think of other people's wants and feelings and human emotions or whatever it is they have) and love buying other people crap I know they'll dig. I wait so long because...I wait so long. No excuse, really. I'm just a procrastinator. And every year I swear that next year I'm gonna be on top of it and start shopping months in advance and go all-out with crazy-cool presents and I won't make baby jebus cry because I'd rather park my keister on the couch and watch a marathon of Absolutely Fabulous with a side of Cheetos than go out into the cold and head to the mall, or wherever. However, this year baby jebus will shed tears of wonder! and joy! and relief!, for I have bought my second Xmas present so far. Second! I also plan to do alot more online shopping than before. I could say it's to "save gas and protect the environment" but screw that, it's really because I'm lazy. I'm still motivated though and could keep going, looking around for other peeps on my list...buuuut I'd rather not. 2 presents are good enough so far, so it's break time. Bust out the chips and cherry coke, it's procrastinate time. (Simmer, baby jebus, I'm on a break.)

So in keeping with the "holiday spirit" (bah), today's Atomic Tuesday is along the lines of really cool, slightly offbeat (the best kind!), atomic-themed items that I think would make pretty kickassular gifts. I adore those crazy Etsy crafters. Enjoy, my little figgy puddings:


Handmade Atomic Clock Bracelet. It's so clever! It totally gets my crafty mojo workin'! But then I figure I'll leave the artsy craftsy to the experts so's I can get back to my stories.


Atomic Symbol Ring I looove this idea- it also comes with a chunk of red sealing wax, so you can seal your letters with an atom stamp. What old-timey fun!


Atomic TV Night Light. The night light is actually handmade with glazed porcelain. I'm going to buy one of these for a hip kid I know who is obsessed with nuclear bombs of the 50's, making that 3 presents bought so far! I'm on a roll.


Hand thrown/handmade Fully Functional Atomic Porcelain Tea Pot. I don't even...I mean, what can I...Coooool.


Nuclear Squid T-Shirt. My indie unhipness is showing, but what does a squid have to do with an atomic symbol? All's I know is that I likes it! Wasn't there some sci-fi b-movie in the 50's about a giant nuclear squid? And it came to Earth in a spaceship and had plans to destroy the human race with it's Ink of Doom but changed it's mind, thus teaching us all how to love again? I dunno, I made that last part up.

"Swingin' Them Jingle Bells" by Fats Waller.


  1. You are an ultimate cool gift-giver ... how do I get on your list?? LOL!!