Monday, September 7, 2009

Aww, Shucks~I Gots Me A Fancy Award!


Over the weekend I was given a major award! An award of awesomeness? An award of kickassery? No! Something way better. I was bestowed The Kreativ Blogger Award from gracious blogger extraordinaire & fellow Vintage Fashion Guild member, Fuzzylizzie, of The Vintage Traveler. I'm not only grateful, but stunned that someone as classy and dignified as Lizzie would even read my blog, which is...not so much classy. Or dignified. So thank you, Lizzie! I am flattered and amazed! (Also hungry and grumpy.)

So the deal is: I now pass the award onto 7 different people and then say 7 things I love. Those 7 peeps in turn give it to 7 other peeps and mention 7 things they love and so on. Piece-o-cake!

Blogs I'm awarding the hell out of:

1.) Bobbins and Bombshells

2.) The Vintage Librarian

3.) Vintage Goddess

4.) Real-Vintage

5.) Miss Matilda Dreams

6.) Tales of a Retro Modern Housewife

7.) Rosina Lee

Now 7 things I love:

1. I love to cook and bake. I hear it's a weird thing, imagining me to be all happy housewife-y & domestic goddess-y and all, but I do. I especially love baking in the winter.

2. I love health food stores as much as I love total garbage food. In fact, I've worked in 3 different health food stores in my retail days. Seriously. Despite my loathing of hippies and all things linked to them. I know. Full of wonderments and contradictions, I am.

3. I love when someone tells me that something I wrote here, some small little nonsensical line of gibberish, made them laugh and forget they were having the "worst day ever" for the moment. No confirmation on whether they went back to having the "worst day ever" after they left here. Probably.

4. I love the smell combo of rain on hot cement & freshly mowed grass. It's so summer.

5. I love not getting yelled at from someone who's selling something that I mocked here. So I guess that means I love when someone "gets it" and laughs along.

6. I love taking long, no-particular-place-to-go drives in the fall.

7. I love my own little family, who I think are about the coolest people I know. Also nerdiest, which translates to double love in my book.


  1. you know what, you deserve the Kreativ Blogger award, your blog is the only one I've read that really cheers me up and makes me laugh out loud (oh and snort out loud, that kinda snorting when it comes out before you know you're going to do it and it's LOUD!)

    Congrats, I think your blog is fab, oh and you ain't soooo bad yourself ;o)

  2. Hooray, and congrats! Well deserved, indeed. :)

  3. Whoa! Had I known you'd say such wonderful things about me, I'd have made up an award for you weeks ago!

    Classy and dignified! My buddies over at the redneck bar are going to LOVE it.

    Keep making me smile, girl.

  4. You should know I'm easily bribed, Lizzie! You can pay me off in awards, Swedish Fish, or with various other pretty, shiny things.

    Seriously, thank you Lizzie! You rock.

  5. Congratulations Hun, well deserved xx

  6. Totally deserved. You rock! (And thanks for reserving the blouse for me -- I love it ALMOST as much as I love your blog.) xoxo

  7. Congrats. You definitely deserve this award. I loved reading this post. Hope you are having a great day. Cheers!

  8. Thanks doll for sending this award to me! Without knowing, I have sent you an award today!! So double the congratulations!

  9. Congrats KIM!!!!!!! Its nice to see you get some recognition and I totally enjoyed your list of the 7 things you love, it was kinda heart warming in a way!!! I gotta get in the darn habit of rolling in on here more often again.

    GREAT JOB...from the ex of whats her name =)

  10. Wow, thanks for the love, Ms de Vil, Stéphanie, Sparkle and Keith!

  11. I've been wondering where've you've been Anon! Hope all is well with you!