Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Best Friend's Girlfriend

Oh, sweet jumping jebus on a pogo stick, wouldya lookie here~ it's another Spinnerin! My most favorite, mock-tacular thing of all! Today's Vintage 1967 Spinnerin Book is curiously named "Gentleman Prefer" and ever more curiously dabbled with ménage à trois-y references throughout. Well this can't be good. Or attractive. Let's see just what exactly gentlemen prefer these days...


Gentleman Prefer...

*...their women to dress like 12 year old boys?

*...their women to be classy, yet have a subtle hairstyle that whispers "I live in a trailer park"?

* coordinate their outfits when they go out to look like they just had their yearbook photo taken?

* pretend to be Clark Kent?

* act like they're interested in what "Kiss My Grits" Flo has to say, while checking out the stacked blond behind her?

* take full advantage of props, such as this complimentary basket of fruit, sent up by hotel management when accidentally mistaking them for the Everly Borthers?

* use said prop in order to break out the old "is that a banana in your basket, or are you just happy to see me" joke?

* offer chicks a poison apple, so they'd just go away already?

* keep a close watch on their chick, waiting for the moment the roofies kick in?

* grip something tightly, to keep from reaching over and bitchslapping Flo into next week, in order to get her to stop talking about the proper way to fry a corn dog?

"My Best Friend's Girlfriend" by the Cars.

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