Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: Oh! You Pretty Things

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday!


It's been weirdly freezey here lately. Not literally of course, but vuuurry cold at night, in the mornings and even the afternoons haven't been all that toasty of late. And it's technically still summer, you know. For another, what, 3 weeks? A little less? Little more? Whatever. I could google "When's the first day of autumn this year" buuuuut I won't. On principal. The principal of "Who The Balls Cares, Get On With It Already, Freakshow."

So around this time of year when summer transitions to fall, I tend to start feeling very crafty-like. I want to make stuff, pretty stuff. I want to do something with vintage fabric and a Bedazzler and all that girlie crap I'm supposed to like. It's weird, I know, as I'm typically better at the destroying of things, not the making of things and also I tend to not be so good with the sticking to a plan and the seeing of it through, such as an arsty/craftsy project would require. But I get points for wanting to be crafty, right? I mean, good intentions have gotta count for something? At any rate, this time of year gets my creativity working overtime. (After I just said that, I've got the line from "Taking Care of Business" by Bachman Turner Whoeverthehell stuck in my head. You do too, now? You're welcome.)

With looking around online for today's atomic theme came inspiration for seriously cool projects that involve vintage 50's atomic-y fabric (or repro fabric). I don't mean for anyone to copy it line for line, as that's neither creative nor cool, just get inspired by these fellow crafty bitches. Does it mean I'll make anything similar? Most likely, no. Someone has to grumble about teens these days and bitch about random things, and I'm pretty sure the world expects me to keep my job post. But that doesn't mean that YOU crafty/sew-y chicks can't do it! In fact, I expect you to and report back with your finished product. Or don't. I'm OK with that.

These are fun and easy (but what the hell do I know about sewing?!) ideas that make me go "why didn't I think of that?!" and "what a cute idea!". Also, I'm easily amused. You could hot glue gun a bottle cap to a coffee can and I'll think it's great. Enjoy!


Atomic Fabric Checkbook Cover. Not exactly functional or necessary, but still. It's a cute idea and pretty!


Atomic Pink Fabric Card Holder. Again, not exactly a need, but like the checkbook cover, it looks so cool and eye-catching when you pull it out! (That's what he said. Zing!)


Atomic Barkcloth Clutch Purse. DO WANT.


Atomic Party Favor/Gift Box. Now THIS is a cool idea, especially for the non-conventional bride. How many weddings have you gone to, where you get one of those cliche, little white gift boxes with tulle-wrapped mints and a mini bottle of stupid-ass bubbles and curly white ribbons tied around it? Like, a million, right? These retro gift boxes are an uber-cool alternative to the White Mint Boxes From Hell. Just sayin'.


Pink & Brown Barkcloth Tote Bag. First of all: pink & brown= excellence. The fabric looks very Alfred Hitchcockian, a la "Vertigo", double plus. And a tote like this is a helluva lot cuter than those stupid green plastic ones at the grocery store that have hippie sayings on them like "Go Green, Save The Earth". I'm ALL for it, but hippie slogans make my head burst into flames.

"Oh! You Pretty Things" by David Bowie.


  1. I LOVE any kind of vintage/retro fabric. These are way cool; but my fav is the gift box. I have two nieces getting married next year - you know, the kind of fancy weddings that take a year to plan. Wouldn't some retro gift boxes be the bomb!! LOL!
    Betty (who-has-a-blog-with-NO-followers :( Oh wait. maybe no one WANTS to read it! LOL!)

  2. Hi, Betty! Glad you stopped by!

    No followers you say? Oh HECK no, we'll do something about that! What's your blog?

  3. These are really cool. Not sure which is my favorite. I know some of my relatives get very crafty as the seasons turn from summer to fall. Hope you're having a nice week so far. Cheers!

  4. Hi Kim!
    My blogs are
    I'd love for you to stop by! :)