Monday, December 8, 2008

...On the EIGHTH Day Of Christmas...

...My true love gave to me, 8 Maids A Square-Dancing...

Did I ever tell you about the time I took a square dancing class in college? Well I did and it was....not good. Not a happy gym requirement to take when you have 2 left feet. Plus you have to listen and memorize steps that go with the listening. And then there's all that moving. I'd much rather be on the sideline watching everyone else and throw peanuts at them. (That IS what you do when watching square dancing, isn't it?) And do you call a square dancer that trips and falls a "Ho Down?" (HA! See what I did with that? A ho...that is down? Hoedown?...Shut up, it's Monday, don't expect Jerry Seinfeld.) I need a dance that requires the most minimal amount of physical exertion and movement possible. Is there a dance where you just stand and blink? Because that one sounds good.

Should you feel like bowing to your partner, swat the flea and promenade!, then you need the goods for it. And by "goods" I don't mean "booze", which is how I come equipped when forced to dance publicly. No, I mean you need the right outfit. And these vintage 60's square dancing dresses are not too hokey, not too "Petticoat Junction inbreeds with HeeHaw". They have just the right cute-to-hoke ratio.

These are all from Vintage Repeats. In fact, she has a buttload of country fried dresses, so that's kind of.. weird...Maybe she's a champion square dancer obsessed with winning, so she murders her competition and then sells their clothing. Yeah. That must be it.

Not clothing, but lookie what I found! This is the coolest 50's barkcloth tablecloth I've seen in a long-ass time. Screw the overplayed boomerangs and the atomic starbursts...this has a HOEDOWN on it. (Click the pic to take you to the seller's listing before I buy it and make a skirt out of it!)

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  1. The tablecloth? Total money!

    Ang picked up quite a few sq. dancing outfits a couple of summers ago at an everything must go estate/trashy garage sale, but they havent made it out of her backroom at the shop yet. They are indeed interesting.