Wednesday, October 29, 2008

X-Ray Man

X is for Xerxes devoured by mice.


X is also for....Well, X sucks.

There are no X words that even remotely fit into my Halloween-y blog theme- and there have been some pretty damn lame entries so far. But X?! I tried "xenophobia", because it's just a good-natured word and since I am a grumpy girl who doesn't like too many people or animals or anything, really, that word seemed to make sense. But xenophobia is an every day way of life, so I couldn't commit to it being just a word of the day. And then I tried writing about "xanthan", as in "Behold the spooky ways of the Xanthan gum! It will shock and surprise you with it's food-additive wonders, made by the death-defying process involving the fermentation of glucose! Horrors beyond imagination!"...this may be surprising, but that didn't work either. So screw you, X.

So instead, here's a mini tribute to x words or words that have x in them somewhere. And no, there will be no "Xtasy" on this list. What do you think I am, some kind of sexually-confused 18 year old rave-til-dawner dancing with glow sticks to Moby with blue hair wearing 5" platform anime boots and an eyebrow ring?! How 10 years ago.

Generation X. British punk band fronted by that fine piece of grade A man meat, the artist formerly known as Billy Idol. Known today as Billy Idol.



Oy vey. Can't...go..on...Too...swoony..

You know what cures swooniness caused by delicious spikey-haired boys? Xanax, bitches.


Xanax must be taken with a liquid. A chaser of Dos Equis should do the trick. Helping slutty sorority skanks get knocked up at spring break in Cancun since 1986.


* "X-Ray Man" by Liz Phair.

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  1. Good work with such a hard letter, you get sick props from me.

    Isnt a Xenophobe someone who possess a fear of aliens or some shit?