Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rock 'N' Roll High School

3 things of (probable non-) interest to report, all of which made me weep a little, and considering crabby fembots from hell don't cry, this is a death-defying feat, for I now may rust into indifference and never again will I be able to bitch so carefree and full of vim. But screw you, vigor!

1.) The first of incidents happened yesterday at the bus stop. As in, *school* bus stop, not grody public transportation bus stop. The last time I was on a public bus it made me itch and rue the moment I declined on bringing a flask of Jack Daniels along for the ride. So waiting at the bus stop sometimes results in awkward social situations, as it did yesterday when I was forced into making that "pleasant conversation" BS with a teenager waiting for her little brother. So we were talking about absolutely nothing and I dropped the line "get medieval on your ass" and I immediately knew I said something painfully unhip because she looked at me like I was speaking Yiddish and went "umm, WHAT does that mean?"'s me: "You don't know that phrase?! Say WHA? Everyone used to say know...from Pulp Fiction..." and she goes: "No. I never heard that. I was like, 2 or something when that came out".

Holy snapple, sweet baby jebus smite me where I stand right now. Send a swarm of locusts to annihilate me into oblivion. Better yet, send a Flock of Seagulls. She was 2 when I was 18 and now I feel OLD. Old and ridiculous. I'm 31 and that's not old, right?! But apparently Teens These Days hate me and I'm officially An Adult. Well who the hell said it was OK for THAT to happen? At what age do we go from young and hip to old and embarrassing? Because inside my head I feel exactly like I did when I was 18 and seriously, I know I'm a total dork, but I thought I was a somewhat happenin' kind of dork. The Magic 8 Ball says "Don't count on it".

2.) The second thing makes me weep, but in a joyous way. I saw a guy in the mall (yes, I was at the mall. I was buying an Auntie Anne's garlic pretzel. Don't judge me.) wearing a tee shirt that said I ♥ Haters. That is probably thee best thing I've read in ages. It'll be my life's mission to find that shirt. FINALLY a tee shirt company "gets" me. Up yours, Hot Topic, you don't know me, I'll cut you. Sigh. I do love me some haters.

3.) The third thing is the most grotesque thing of all and that, my friend, is the fact that not only am I old and not cool, but I am getting even older and not cooler in 36 days when I turn 32. I mean 29! Yes, I'm turning 29. For the 3rd year in a row. Here are possible gift ideas for you to think about at work today: mass quantities of Swedish Fish, a mixed tape of 80's metal, a Chippendale's dancer named Derek, a I ♥ Haters tee. Your call. Or maybe I'll just stay hidden in my bedroom that day reading The Babysitters Club and listening to Wham records.

My name is Kim and I do not support this message.


  1. What gets me, even though I havent seen one here in big ole Des Moines Iowa, but back home in Chicago, Id see like a 13 or 14 year old w/ a social d. shirt on and say "Hey man like the shirt" and theyd say something like "Cool, how long you been a fan?" And Id say since 89 and theyd be like "oh I was in 2nd grade at that time".

    Good Gosh feelin old there. Or when you go out to buy beer and they dont even think about carding you.

    I love feelin Old School. Ive paid my dues.

  2. By the way pally, your blog titles rock, along with Angela's. Rock and roll high school is one of the greatest Ramones songs. Period.