Monday, September 22, 2008

Seasons In The Sun

Today's the first day of fall, y'all! But August was a sucktastic month as far as summer-like months go. It pretty much felt like fall for the past couple of weeks. Global Warming you say? Ha! I say to you, ha! Ice Age is more like it, my homeslices. This morning was a morning of firsts: For the first time in a months I had to put on actual socks (as opposed to non-actual socks?), instead of just slipping on Chucks, sans-sock. And for the past couple of weeks the leaves 'round these here parts have been *trying* to change, but it was more like they went from green to lesser green to just plain dead and then they fell to the ground. But this morning was thee first time I noticed one single leaf getting it's orange-on, waaay up high in my giant front tree with the Mysterious Birdhouse.


Yeah I know the picture is tragic, but it was 3 (!) stories up in the tree and I don't have high-tech, space-age, high-falutin' camera attachments for such an occasion as "Capturing Leaf Hue Variables", so DEAL WITH IT, INGRATES. Try to share the beauty of freaking nature and her freaking wonders and you expect me to be Annie Liebowitz. GOSH.

Anyway and lastly, it was the first time I saw frost on the car windows. FROST, mo-fo's! Well that seems a little uncalled for so early in the season, doesn't it? And you know it's only a matter of time before you start to think about turning on the heat, but considering the price of gas and oil and not to mention electric bills, the idea of turning on the heat makes you consider getting all mountain-folk survivalist on your family's ass and build fires and can your own food and hunt your own...squirrel.

Or whatever. I'm just sayin'. Maybe fall is one of those seasons that starts out all romantic and dreamy and full of wonder and crap and ends up with your butt shivering on the vinyl car seat, sticking your face in the steam of your Dunkin Donuts coffee trying to unthaw, swearing that THIS year you're gonna buy a remote starter and snow blower and pay the neighborhood teens to shovel your driveway, knowing full well that none of it's gonna happen but maybe next year.

(***Cheesy Segue Alert***)

Speaking of chilly weather and saving on heating costs, why not stock up on vintage cardigans? I must say that selling vintage sweaters from the 50's-60's is an obsession of mine and I also must say that I am always well-stocked with them, roughly carrying 20 at a time (though more in the coming winter months). Oddly, I sell more sweaters than vintage dress. Go figure. The recent additions look even more fantastic, thanks to my brand new vixen of a mannequin, as opposed to the little stump of a dress form I was using with the linebacker shoulders that I would not mind setting on fire and drifting out to sea, like a grand Nordic funeral for a dearly departed friend. Or whatever.

Here's a sample preview of what's COMING SOON this week to Fast Eddie's Retro Rags:

50's White Hot Waffle-Weave Bolero:


50's Pink Pinup Kerrybrooke Bolero Cardigan Sweater, NOS:


60's Hot Pink Embroidered Flowers Cardigan Sweater, NOS:


Here a quickie sample of what's AVAILABLE NOW:

Rhinestone Starburst Vintage 50's Cardigan Sweater w/Pink Plastic Leaves:

Beaded & Sequins Vintage 50's Cardigan Sweater, NOS:

3-D Mushrooms Vintage 50's Doreen Cashmere Cardigan Sweater:


  1. I take it youre feelin better I hope?

    Yeah, Im wishin/dyin for fall to settle in here but there are no signs of it in the immediate future. By next weekend its gonna be near 80 again. I love fall. Hell, I even like winter over summer. Im not crazy about summer. Damn humidity, bugs and all that stuff. I can remember as a kid, summer was the digs, but now, no thanks. It started out here today a nice fall like cloudy, 60 something, now the sun is out and its prolly 70 something. Ive got the patio all set up for fall/winter too, aint I a stinker?

  2. Ha ha...yes, the plague is gone, thank you! It might be heading your way, so watch out for the wee one!

    80 degrees next week? Eeeewww.