Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hey, Bartender

Did you ever have one of those wickedly down in the dumps kind of days/weekends/millenniums, the kind where you're just plain old indifferent and blue, for no particular reason, just *because"? No? Well I'm glad to hear the Prozac is working for you. For me, sometimes the only thing that works is putting on old jazz records~ and I don't mean that in a "get off my lawn and turn down your new fangled Hall and Oats jazz records!" kind of way, but in a for real jazz records kind of way.

Nothing makes me feel as justified for being pissed off and sad and angry all at once than by listening to a scratchy, poor quality record of Big Bill Broonzy or Big Maceo... or ANY old timey blues singer from the 30's and 40's with the name "Big" in it for that matter. Sitting on my porch with a High Life with records playing in the background and pretending in my head that I'm a downtrodden soul in the bayou can be therapeutic when you've got the blues, because after listening to these guys wailing their hearts out, you realise life doesn't suck quite as much as you think it did. After all, did your man leave you after taking your dog, your furniture, the last bottle of beer and took off with your best friend Ida and all he left you were your 7 kids, a half a package of crackers and a packet of ketchup? He did? Man, what kind of loser are you anyway? I feel bad for you, kid.

If you're a lady singin' the blues, check out this incredible dress with a picture of a lady...singin' the blues. It's not vintage, but there's something so intriguing about this long black dress with Billie screen printed on the bottom. Because if anyone knows whats its like to be down and out it's Billie. It's not very easy on your wallet ($495.00, zoinks!), ain't that a kick in the head? But very cool. You can get this and other rock and/or roll fashions (Elvis skirts! T-Rex dresses!) from Fashion Rocks.

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