Monday, May 5, 2008


Hello, my name is Kim. You might remember me from such films as "Gauchos: Friend or Foe?" and "Bitch Is The New Black". I'm pleased to bring you today's film, "Cinco de Mayo And What It Means To You". There will be a short quiz and a brief summary of your answers afterwards. Enjoy!

And now, "Cince de Mayo And What It Means To You"!

Are you...

A.) ... a Generic College Frat Guy who plans on spending the day partying 'til you puke at the frat house with your equally Generic College Frat Guy buddies?

B.) ...a Generic College Sorority Skank who plans on running to the local Party City to buy cheap straw sombreros for you and your equally Generic College Sorority Skank friends to wear with your wet tee shirts?

C.) ...going to spend the evening at Chili's/ Outback Steakhouse/ any other equally generic food chain restaurant with a flair for "authentic Mexican cuisine" that also has a bar to take advantage of their "50¢ Tacos and $1 Coronas Blowout"?

D.)...think that "authentic Mexican cuisine" is licking salt and lime juice off the Sunset-Tanned stomach of a half naked 19 year old with a fake ID?

If you answered YES to 1 or more of the questions above, then Congratulations! You just might be a dumbass. Your parents must be so proud, seeing you on Girls Gone Wild in that sombrero. Stay tuned for our next film, "Memorial Day Then And Now: Have You Hugged A Soldier Today?"

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