Thursday, May 15, 2008

Kick Out The Jams

I'm posting this petition for a few friends of mine~ though I've never been to the Oneida rockabilly weekender personally, it's something worth trying to keep going for a while. Forget about the whales, good music lasts longer.

Let these fools know how much you enjoyed the 50's fest in Oneida (or just let 'em know you care and are not the heartless bastards that I normally love you all for being) and pass this along. Click the link to take you to the petition:

Save the Rockin' 50's Fests Petition

In 2002, Oneida Casino hosted the first Rockin’ 50’s Fest, which included over one hundred acts, primarily rockabilly. Fans from all over the world attended the week long festival. Luckily for the fans, the casino decided to have another festival in 2005. Again, fans from all over the world attended. In 2007, it happened again with a third installment. We, the fans, look forward to these festivals and feel that the Oneida Casino has the perfect venue and hosts one of the best festivals in the world. The festivals give fans an outlet to forget all the problems in the world. Many of us plan a year in advance to see these wonderful showcases of talent. Musicians and fans alike feel that the festival is a family reunion. Not only do you get to see your old friends but make new ones as well. The casino has given us the opportunity to see several musical acts at one show. There are not enough rockabilly related festivals here in the States. In order to keep the music alive and give a proper venue to the younger acts, more festivals need to be created and not limited. Festivals like the Rockin’ 50’s Fest help younger acts broaden their fan base. Also, the acts from the 1950’s are getting older, and we lose a couple every year. Soon there won’t be any left to participate in these festivals. It is important to teach our children and introduce new fans to the music before it is too late. We, the fans, are asking you to please reconsider the idea of not having another festival at the Oneida Casino. Rockabilly needs you. The musicians and fans need you. Thank you for your consideration.

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