Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Get Rhythm

So you're a guy heading to Viva Las Vegas and still haven't found the perfect vintage to wow the broads. No problemo. It's not too late, kid. Wear the best of the best from Fast Eddie's Retro Rags! All delinquent vintage, all the time.

Penney's Towncraft Plaid Panel Shirt Jac w/Flecked Sleeves, L:

50's 2Tone Rayon & Corduroy Loop Collar Shirt Jac, L:

40's/50's Rayon Gaucho Pullover w/Houndstooth Panel, L (Coming later today):

40's Cold Rayon Picnic Plaid Mohawk Sportswear Shirt NOS, L:

She'll thank you in the morning for being so damn awesome.

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