Friday, March 28, 2008

Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back

Just a quickie (I said quickie) to brag- nay- spread my greatness upon the world (that sounds filthy). My vintage-selling GENIUS of a friend and partner of evil-doing (not so much, but it makes us sound tough) Ang of Dorothea's Closet Vintage and I wrote a little blog for the Vintage Fashion Guild. It got discovered and published on a little website called Today's Vintage about rockabilly/ 50's fashion and will also be in print, in real magazine form. To be fair, she wrote a fat chunk of it but I added a paragraph or 2 and Fast Eddie's Retro Rags is credited at the bottom, so I have every right to brag about my street cred, no? Mind blowing? Yes! Flattering? Duh! Impressive? You tell me! But you can send hate mail to Ang.


Consider yourself SERVED.

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  1. Sooo late on the scene- but I gotta give it up to you ladies ! Excellent article - it is about time someone laid it out right. I can't think of two better gals to do it either, so there!
    ( and oh god,thank you for the blog on martini bowling shirts - I saw a few offenders last night - add a mustache and ...oh the humanity!)