Sunday, March 16, 2008

As The Clouds Drift By

While pondering life in blog-land, I sat here for a long time thinking about such mind-shattering things like what to even name this damn thing, what is interesting enough to write about and who am I and why should you care? Two words. Jayne Mansfield. She and I have more in common than our devastating good looks and monstrous racks. See, Jayne is buried in the wee hick town that I was born and raised in and as grim of a connection as that may be, her "presence" about town played a huge role in who I became.


Growing up, it was just normal to hear in conversation things like "Oh, that's the house where Jayne stayed in the summer with her aunt" or "Jayne's makeup case is on display, you know, the one that was with her in the 'death car', wanna go see it?". Any local yocal over the age of 40 had a "Jayne story" and whether they were true or simply wishful thinking, they were some kickass stories. Certainly she was the poor man's Marilyn, we all knew that. Let's face it, the woman couldn't act to save her life and her singing left much to the imagination. But to our town, she was a goddess of legend. To me, she became fashion inspiration.


The woman's fashion sense embodies everything I adore about the era and what I model my own wardrobe after. Lurex? Of course! Springolators? Naturally! Leopard? Always! If you can't move- let alone breathe- while wearing it, it's perfect.


So Jayne, thanks for being a little bit trashy and a little bit rock and roll. I wish I could have met you.

Want to make Jayne proud? Of course you do, you little minx. Here are a few things to glam out with your gams out.
From yours truly, this mankilling silver lurex vintage 50's Ceeb swimsuit, available at Fast Eddie's Retro Rags, click pic to get there:

From Dorothea's Closet Vintage, this ridiculously curve-hugging 60's pink beaded gown:

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  1. I love Jayne!!!! A personal fave has become Diana Dors tho...kinda the British poor man's Marilyn!