Sunday, February 6, 2011

Prints Charming Sunday: Love, Exciting And New

Welcome to Prints Charming Sunday!


Did today's title get "the Love Boat" theme song stuck in your head? Ha! That is my gift to you. I've been thinking alot about Valentine's Day themed titles for blog posts, and the stinking freaking Love Boat won't leave my brain. Bah! Damn you stupid 1970's awesomely crappy tv shows. Now, normally I'm all about wacky novelty prints from the 40's and 50's. I don't generally "do" novelty prints from the 1970's (it just ain't my bag, baby) but then in an interesting twist of ironic irony, I came across a 1970's novelty print that's so very fitting to go with today's Love Boat era/valentines-y theme that I couldn't not show it off. (Did you enjoy that double negative that I dropped on you just there, grammar nazis? I thought you might.)


Ta-da! So polyester-y. So butterfly collar-y. So...70's. What's that Julie? I'm wanted on the Lido deck for cocktail hour with Captain Stubing and celebrity guest stars Charo and Tom Jones? Be right there! I'm just pulling on my tight-fitting polyester shirt then we'll party hardy until we pass out or dock in Puerto Vallarta, whichever comes first!

(Who me, watch too many classic TV reruns? Never.)

Vintage 70's "Love and Kisses" Novelty Print Shirt is offered by seller Wunderbar Vintage.

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  1. It's not unusual to be loved by anyone.....

    There, now Tom Jones will be stuck in your head heh heh =)