Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Atomic Tuesday: Chickens Roasting On An Open Fire...

...and Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, if you live just about anywhere in the US on this arctic-rific Atomic Tuesday!


Today's pick for Atomic Tuesday is so cool, so mid-century modern in it's wackiness, I thought maybe it was just a really, really good repro. But no. It's the real deal and spec-freaking-tacular. It's almost as if the creator of this said "Hey, it's the 1950's! I'm gonna design a print that is so totally 50's, it'll be crazy!" It's kind of like when someone you know recommends going to a diner that "you're just gonna LOVE" because it's "soooo 50's", and then you get there and the place is SCREAMING cliche, with it's checkerboard floors, repro tin signs of I Love Lucy, and a poster of Elvis, Marilyn and James Dean playing pool on the walls. Because that's exactly what real, "Mom and Pop" type diners in the 1950's looked like. And all the people in the diner were talking about how 50's it was of them to be sitting in a diner, drinking milkshakes and playing Buddy Holly on their tabletop jukeboxes. Riiiight. So today's pick is just like that. Only not.

The thing of which I speak:


Awesome, right? First of all, it's PINK, which rules...


...wacky animal wall hangers...Paris print, 'natch...


...hot damn, a fiberglass drum floor lamp (?!)...glasses of iced tea in the holder...magazine rack....


....shish kebabs hanging by the fireplace ...zig-zag wrought iron log stand...and a starburst clock?! Are you kidding me?!...

(OK, I want everything in each picture so far...and a house that looks this iconic, all the time...)


...And of COURSE, the standard rooster. Because it was apparently the poultry of choice in interior design from about 1950 to 1970, since they show up EVERYWHERE and on EVERYTHING. (Well, those and eagles. Just can't escape either one.)

This superb Vintage 50's Quintessential Mid-Century Modern "Interior Scenes" Tablecloth is available for $34 from seller Neato Keen.


  1. Shish kabobs on the fire place... WHAT! That is amazing. The very idea of doing that puts a smile on my face.

    I love patterns with animals, am I'm wracking my brain thinking if I have anything with roosters on them. I think my poultry department only consists of a blouse with ducks on it. I need to correct that!

  2. hahaha great post

  3. Howdy Kim
    Only you could find something so sensational !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing this awesome find :)
    It simply screams Atomic Tuesday !
    Love it ,love it and oh by the way did I mention how much I love it ?
    Thank you so much for your snarky encouragement to continue my hunt for Atomic Linens ,well all things atomic chic !
    Your a keeper as my granny would say :)
    Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier .
    Both hubbs and son have been using our one computer all day so I got sandwiched in around them :(
    I know I should be happy we have a computer
    to share .
    Anyhoo happy atomic dreams .
    Hugs from Texas
    Until Next Time
    Happy Trails

  4. 34 bucks??? Oh my, this is why, hate to say it, I sweat out eBay despite all the trauma it's caused me.

    I see these all the time for like $5-$10. =/