Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Holiday Horrors

It's time for this week's Way-Out Wednesday, Holiday Horrors style.


If there's one thing I love it's strange old photographs. But if there's one thing I love even more is strange old photographs with creepy-ass Santas, supremely pissed-off kids and of course, taxidermy. So imagine the bliss! joy! rapture! when I came across this freaking gem of someone's family history:


Everything about this Vintage Creepy Santa, Reindeer and Spoiled Brat Photograph is pure win. But I mean, damn. Newly Paroled Santa, is that a a deer in your pocket? Because you certainly aren't happy to see us. (Did you catch that vague and furthermore lame attempt at pervy humor? You're most welcome for that wee dose of holiday blasphemy and bad taste.)


  1. wow! haha

  2. Howdy Kim
    you never ever dissapoint :)
    Big hugs from Texas
    Until next time
    Happy Trails

  3. Ahhhhh yeeeeeaaaaah... Paroled Santa is right! Fresh off the North Pole after serving 12-15, let out early on good behavior because he didn't stick anyone with a shiv!!

  4. Hmm, not sure Santa understands the concept of "jolly"...

    And pretty sure I'll have nightmares about those three staring at me while I sleep - thanks Kim! Lol... :O

  5. For some reason the first Santa with Holiday Horrors scrawled across it looks like Bing Crosby? The second Santa definitely looks like a wiseguy on da lam and hidin' from da udda wiseguys who are gonna fill him fulla lead when dey find da doity rat.