Thursday, November 11, 2010

For The Boys! (And Girls)

Today is Veteran's Day here in the US and I want to express my utmost gratitude, respect and big ol' love to all the veterans out there young and old, to those currently serving and to those no longer with us. You will never be forgotten.


Big love to my own boys, a veteran and a Scout (who may be a veteran one day too.)


And now something cool for any veterans in the US getting married~ If you (whether you're male or female) were deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or Qatar within the past 5 years and are currently planning your wedding, you can get a FREE wedding gown, thanks to Brides Across America! Brides Across America holds annual events at bridal salons
across the country-you can get a list of the participating salons and cities on the home page of their website. Hurry- the event is only held today (in a few states until tomorrow, too!)


Happy Veterans Day!

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