Friday, October 22, 2010

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: Swiss Congeniality

Welcome to another Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!


I *love* when a vintage glassware pattern matches the dinnerware, I really do. And I *especially* love when you discover glassware that matches a line of dinnerware and never knew such a thing existed! Make sense? Yeah. I figured not.



This is just one of a Set of 4 Vintage 50's Swiss Alpine Glasses. It's such a happy little pattern, isn't it? The aqua flowers! The wee trees! All the cute could kill me where I stand.

Swiss Alpine is one of my favorite non-pink/non-atomic patterns. The pattern was an American line available from the company Marcrest, and here's one more little useless factoid to drop on you~ the Swiss Alpine pattern was discontinued in 1960. So dig that. Alex Trebek, you best watch your back, because now we're ready to drop some serious knowledge on yo' ass. Seriously though, I'm way excited that there's a line of matching glassware, as I figured there was just the standard dinner plate/teacup/gravy boat option. Not that I need any more glasses (like I need a kick in the pants), but still, it's nice knowing they're available!

Set of glasses now available on Etsy from seller Vintageer.


  1. There are so many mid-century patterns of glassware and dishes that go unloved. People are hungry, nay GREEDY for the atomic designs (guilty as charged) but there are so many more to choose from, and they are soooo much more affordable if you are not an atomic nutbag like me. =)

  2. Lovely! I am collectig china at the moment, but once that is complete I'll move onto glass ;)

  3. ;-) I love those, im a bit like you glasses i really don't need or have the space for any more but when you see these gorg 50's designs...well the galloping must haves need to strike again ;-)) Dee

  4. Super cute glassware!

    Just came across your blog!