Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Atomic Tuesday: What Makes You Tick?

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday!

Today's pick is this Vintage 1960s Sunbeam Electric Clock, available on Etsy from seller Stilettogirl:

I'm a dork for vintage clocks, like I'm sure most of you are. I think this one is one of those that you'd probably glance over quickly or maybe not notice right away. But then you look at the details and all of a sudden you gotta have it. (Maybe sell your firstborn for, who am I to judge?)

Simple details like the yellow. Who thinks of yellow right away for a kitchen clock? Maybe everyone. But I usually don't think "Hey, you know what this kitchen really needs? (Besides a cleaning lady. And a live-in chef. And a robot that spits out any food you want in 5 seconds, like on the Jetsons.) It's a yellow clock." And for some reason I really dig that fat little arrow. But what I love most is how each number square instantly reminds me of a Scrabble tile .... Whaaat? That's not your first thought? (Nerds of the world unite!)