Friday, March 12, 2010

Aqua Blue Heaven Friday: A Good Egg.

Welcome to another Aqua Blue Heaven Friday!

Anyone who's in the process of mid-century-modernizing their home knows how hard it can be get it "just right", down to the last detail-but also knows how thrilling it is to find something that you either never knew existed or never realised you had to have until to see it. (Being easily thrilled helps in the process.) Make sense? I didn't think so.

Example: this Vintage 50's Refrigerator Egg Box, currently available on Etsy from seller See Rox Run:

I knew these existed (in various colors, too!), but never realised how much I wanted one! How fab it would be to have this in a vintage fridge!


  1. the saddest thing i "lost" in the divorce was a 1953 GE that we had refurbished and repainted - it had belonged to his grandparents and parents and we had it in our kitchen. but, i gained valuable freedom and there will always be more fridges ;) (it had an egg box - there was a point to this narrative, lol)

  2. Ohhh- was this circa 1950's form of invitro fertilization!?!? "egg" I do not remember them- did they hold the entire package- or did you have to take the eggs out of carton?

  3. You took all the eggs and basically just piled them up in the eggbox. It was before fridges had those egg holders installed on the side of the door, so you just kept them neat & tidy in the box!

  4. Thanks for the info Kim! Guess there might of been lots of scrambled eggs in the 50's! lol