Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Way-Out Wednesday: Love Me, Love My Hot Mess.

You know how much I love mocking vintage Spinnerin sweater patterns, right? But this Vintage Sweater Booklet is spawned from hell ... or at least just looks like it came from the unholy union of satan and the Duggar family. I have no words for this...

...Oh wait. I DO have words, and they are "oh my god, my eyes have permanently fused shut, what the hell is going on with this family?!" I realise this was from 1991. I realise the hokey title of the booklet is a hokey play on the hokey phrase "love me, love my mess", so popular in the 1980's as seen on wooden plaques hung in the kitchen. But this family. I mean...what the hell? Are they one of those western religious sects of Sister Wives and their dozens of creepy children of the corn? If they are, whatever, so be it. But I neither comprehend nor accept the extreme fugliness of this family.


  1. Damn right, fugly to the core! I had no idea those hairstyles were still to be cut after the 80's!

  2. That is just awful! Sweater dresses galore! Yuck!

    Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

  3. mwahahahahahah - frigging hilarious! And terrible at the same time.