Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Way-Out Wednesday: (Everybody's Waiting For) The Man In The Bag

Welcome to Way-Out Wednesday: Holiday Horrors! Bad news, folks. Christmas has been cancelled this year due to an unfortunate suffocation incident. It's been a bad year for Santa. First the Reindeer Flu spread like wildfire throughout the staff. Then the Clauses became first-time parents of a bouncing baby boy with a suspicious, glowing-red nose. Finally, the downward-spiralling economy found it's way to the North Pole and due to a lack of sales and an impending foreclosure of the Toy Shoppe, Santa was forced to make cutbacks and lay off 50% of his employees. One night, an angry mob of disgruntled worker elves broke into Santa's shop where he was working late and crept up behind him with their torches, pitchforks, and delicious sugar cookies. Before he knew what was happening, Santa fell from his ladder, down...down...down...into the plastic bag used for dolls. With a wink of an eye, the elves sealed the top of the bag and got the hell outta there, stealing the hubcaps and fuzzy dice off Santa's sleigh on their way out. Santa was dead. Or WAS he? Mwuahahahaha!....Yeah, no. He's dead.

"Goodbye cruel world!"

This week's creepy-ass, kitschy vintage find is this Vintage Santa Figurine in Bag, available for sale from LilyNymph.


  1. You always crack me up. lol Love your posts. Hope you're having a killer week. Cheers!

  2. Oh wow-that Santa in the bag is hysterical-and per usual, you have killed me with the description!