Monday, November 30, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: Gone Fission.

Welcome to Atomic Tuesday! Happy first day of December! (How weird is that?!) Today marks the first day of "Colorectal Cancer Education and Awareness Month"! And apparently welcome to my exclamation-pointiest opening paragraph ever. Enough with that already.

Seeing as I haven't done a man's (I said "I haven't done a man" uh huh huh) theme in a while, and since it's National Tie Month (it's a thing, apparently,) it's high time I showed off a little eye candy for the menfolk, (and before you get your hopes up menfolk, that doesn't include beer or boobs. Maybe next time. But probably not.)

Get a load of these Vintage 50's/60's Swank Atomic Symbol Cufflinks- with a touch of bling, even! (EEEW. Yes, I DO hate myself for saying that, thankyouverymuch.) Are they not the coolest ever? This is why I adore Swank- they produced some of the swellest men's accessories.

These babies are available for less than 2 fins, people! (That's less than $10 for you unhep types) and are currently available from Vintage Ties.

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