Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Atomic Tuesday: Sonic Boom


Howdy, kids! It's Atomic Tuesday once again! I had an entirely different theme picked out for today, but then I saw this piece-o-awesomeness and knew I had to post about today. Not only is this really cool, but I can't believe I found it on Etsy of all places! (I don't really associate Etsy with large pieces of furniture, then again, I don't exactly go scouting for it online, either!)

Behold, the joy that is called the Vintage 50's 2-Tiered Boomerang Table. The seller is calling it "Danish Modern", though there's no mention of maker in the listing, so think of that what you will. I have a 50's rectangle coffee table and matching 2-tiered end table set that look identical to this- same blondwood, same legs, etc. and it's as generic as the day is long. In fact, true story: I got the 3 pieces- for free-from a neighbor who had it out on their sidewalk for trash pickup! I snuck over there in the middle of the night and took them. Even though they were throwing them out, I felt all kinds of sneaky and wrong about it. But I got over it.

And lo, I say unto thee yet again, behold!:



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  1. I totally LOVE that table!!