Thursday, October 1, 2009

1970's Spiegal Walks The Line...Fembots Not Included

You know I can't resist a good vintage catalog to mock. Usually Spinnerin mags are my game but I don't know, Spiegal (of all things!) is starting to raise in ranks on the scale-o-cheese. I never really gave the history of Spiegal a second thought. Or a first, really. But apparently their roots go back as far as the late 1800's (I did not know that) and are tied to Eddie Bauer and Newport News. I look about as normal wearing that stuff as a PTA mom dressed in head-to-toe patent leather catsuit and a matching ball gag. (Note to self: Start death metal band. Name it "Sado-Masochistic PTA Moms".)

But that's neither here nor there. The fact is, Spiegal has had mail order catalogues around for a long-ass time and this is the first I've ever run across one. Behold the majesty and wonderment Spiegal offered the masses in 1971:


Wow. I mean...good god, man. It's a bit like a car crash, isn't it? So horrifically gruesome yet you can't stop looking. Those are ensembles you ladies are rocking. But now we see where the inspiration for Austin Powers came from. "Always a step ahead", you say? Umm. Suuuure. We'll just go with that.

But I wonder what sort of exotic fabrics and luxurious details the suits have?...


Acrylic and elastic waists, because, of course they are.

But wait, there's more! Spiegal has so much more to offer than just ladies' casual lounge slacks! Spiegal is tops when it comes to the modern hi-fi record machines and super hep to the rock and/or roll sounds of what the kids are into these days! See?...


A Johnny Cash record album AND a red, white & blue patriotic home turntable? Oh, Spiegal. You had me at "Stereo-Phono"...

Wait a second...before I hand over my Diners Club card, lemme just read the fine print here...


Johnny Cash for your "mod mood"? Say WHA?! Oh, Spiegal. You don't know me. You don't know me at all. Looks like I'm a one-Spinnerin kind of gal after all.

(Thanks to Camp Vintage, who currently is offering this vintage Spiegal for sale!)

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  1. What I wouldn't give for a copy of that catalog! Love it!